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  • Sue Short


Updated: Jul 25, 2020


Tangled sheets and rotting decking litter the sandy ocean floor

Broken masts, covered in glossy brown seaweed, are draped across the rocks like knitting needles.

The barnacle-covered hull lies on its side like a dragon that has fallen asleep.

The once immaculate ‘Wavelength’ lays abandoned on the sea-bed

A few fathoms from the frothy ocean’s surface

This once-proud lady is now an unloved wreck.

The unfurled, once wind-filled sails, rotted away long ago.

Her anchor is the only remnant still intact

Her name was obliterated by the swirling currents.

Allegedly, a ferocious storm destroyed ‘Wavelength’ in one wrenching movement.

The mainmast, they said, struck by a lightning bolt.

So fierce was the storm that the crew were thrown overboard

Never able to tell their tale

What now lay on the sea-floor was not just a wreck

But a rotting mound holding many secrets

If ‘Wavelength’ could tell the world those secrets

She would describe them in one word: INSURANCE

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