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Willow's in Charge

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

It's been a few months since our lovely greyhound Tigger passed away. We're still missing him and all his lovely ways.

We decided to visit a greyhound rescue centre near us just to test how we felt about getting another greyhound. It does seem too soon but there is a huge gap in our lives.

We had visited the centre, about two years before, when Tigger was alive. We had hoped to get him a friend but it turned out he wanted to be the only dog in our family. We went along with what he wanted.

When we arrived at the centre this time, I explained about our new situation and how much we were missing our dear greyhound. I didn't know whether we were ready for a new pet just yet.

I'm afraid I became quite emotional and used-up all my tissues. Anyway, the lady in charge of the rescue centre understood what we had been through. She allowed us to view a some male and female greyhounds-they were either ex-racer males or had been ex-breeding females. She told us their backgrounds and special needs.

They were all handsome animals but I didn't feel drawn to any particular one until a beautiful black female greyhound came into the room.

To cut a fairly long story short, we have reserved Nellie. She is seven years old and has had a few litters (not sure how many or how many puppies she's had. We hope to find out.) She was not considered fast enough to be a racer.

I was a bit upset with looking at all the greyhounds. Nellie was the only one who came stood by me: I had a strong feeling that she was comforting me.

Afterwards, we went outside into the garden. It was lovely to see her running and playing; she came up to me when I called her name which I thought was quite unusual.

I hope Tigger would have approved of our choosing Nellie; that we chose a mature greyhound who had been a mother.

We've had our garden checked for dog safety and passed with flying colours. We're going to pick up our lovely greyhound on Saturday. We can't wait to collect her and bring her home.

We've decided to rename her Willow, as we think that suits her more than Nellie. It usually takes about a month for a greyhound to learn its new name, Tigger seemed to understand immediately.

We've had Willow a couple of weeks now. She seems to have settled in very well and is in charge just like Tigger used to be. She has a bed in the lounge, kitchen, pottery and a couple of bedrooms. She is a gentle soul with a sense of determination that passes almost unnoticed.

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